Is Mothers Day Sexist?

No. No it’s not. I’ve said it before and i’ll say it again; not everything is. For those that celebrate it, it’s a nice reminder to treasure the bond between mother and child. For some who don’t celebrate it, i’m sure it can be quite hard for various reasons. But for many, it’s another opportunity to get together with family and do something nice and perhaps out of the ordinary.

Some of the things we encourage or celebrate on Mothers’ Day however are sexist, or at least promote the idea of a woman’s place is in the home. So i thought i’d write this to just highlight it to people who’d not thought about it before and so perhaps those of us who do celebrate it can do so in a way that doesn’t chuck us all back to 1831.Image

Take for example, a link i followed on Tesco’s website for ‘bath and body’ gifts for Mothers’ Day. The very first item is anti-wrinkle cream. Heaven forbid someone who has grown another human in her body has a WRINKLE. I mean, goodness me, nevermind sexist even, that’s just plain rude! In fact, just keep scrolling through that link. Luxurious smelling things, creamy skin treats, yeah, i could get that, but nearly every lotion and potion on there is to cover up or change what they actually look like. Even the hand cream about 4 products down is called ‘For Hands That Do Dishes’, because, you know, women… kitchen…

So let’s go over to the cards, and see if we’ve become any more elightened and celebrating the intelligent, courageous things our mothers have done. Here are some typical cards i’ve found, without much need to search:……………

I’m not saying that isn’t even the reality, but i am saying that perhaps these cards, so easily available and visible in aisles across the country are not so helpful for promoting women as anything more than cooks, cleaners and carers. And who is it who is buying these cards? It’s children.

I’m not here to shit on anyone’s parade and i hope all the mums are having a lovely day today. I’m just saying that perhaps we need to be more concious in the messages we send sometimes.


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